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Ortez’s work continues to expand every day, the workshop team, new product models, is an art made only by hands, knowing where your product comes from is undoubtedly a magic and takes all the energy of the hands that made it.

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Woman's handbag

USD 308.75


Cell phone and passport holder

USD 89.13


Belt Wallet

USD 115.62


Small Bag

USD 137.13



USD 142.5


Cigar Case

USD 121.38

The smoker Word

Smokers give the same importance to storing their cigars since it is these that allow them to reflect their personalities and make the experience an elegance, where they can keep all their tools for the intimate moment in which they light or share their cigars.

Making cigarette cases has been around since our beginnings and they are undoubtedly an important part of our brand. We want to offer them style, comfort and elegance in their packaging that will accompany them in new experiences.

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